In mid-flight, a French passenger masturbated in front of an Argentine, the woman complained and the crew did not believe her

It was on a trip from Paris to Buenos Aires from the Air France company. The aggressor was arrested after landing in the country

An Argentine doctor was the victim of sexual harassment on board a flight from the Air France company when she was returning from Paris. Her assailant, who was sitting next to her, began to intimidate her. The passenger complained to the crew and they ignored her. They accused her of wanting to find a better first class location.

A young Frenchman came up on several occasions to annoy his seatmate. She asked him to leave, but the man did not listen. For this reason, the woman stood up and asked the hostesses and the ship’s commissar to intervene and move her.

Far from resolving the conflict, the employees forced her to stay in her seat and threatened that she could be imprisoned. She had no choice but to return to her seat and continue to endure the harassment.

During the night, when everyone was asleep, an aberrant fact occurred. The woman woke up and noticed that the man was masturbating. Immediately it returned to call the attention of all the crew members and asked to change to the seat. The commissar on board and many of the passengers still did not believe him and accused her of wanting to find a better location in the first class. Finally, a passenger offered to change his seat to keep the doctor away from his stalker.

Once the plane touched the Argentine soil, the Frenchman was arrested by a decision of the federal judge of Lomas de Zamora Federico Villena. In addition, the commissar on board is charged for not taking the appropriate measures in the situation.

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