Twitter: Woman discovers her boyfriend with a lover and she becomes a sex doll [VIDEO]

On Twitter is circulating a video where an unfaithful man is sheltered with a lover.

Woman discovers her boyfriend with a lover, and she becomes a doll

Woman discovers her boyfriend with a lover, and she becomes a doll.

A recording uploaded to Twitter has gone viral because of the funny scene it shows: a woman finds her boyfriend with a lover and the latter is posing as a sex doll. The images were supposedly recorded in the USA. and it is unknown if it really happened or is a performance.

The video shows how a woman breaks into an apartment where her boyfriend is having fun with his supposed lover, who dances half naked. The girlfriend mounts a scandal, but the man tries to leave immune from the compromised situation assuring him that it is a sex doll. At that moment, the third discord remains immobile in an attempt to imitate a doll, while the man even shows his girlfriend a role stating that it is a voucher.

In a moment the woman approaches the ‘doll’ and it moves, for which the boyfriend also has the answer: “They are reflexes”, he says. In the end, the lover gets tired of the show, leaves the imitation and leaves the apartment, while the couple continues arguing.

The video received many comments from Internet users. “A sex doll with reflexes? I died when she said ‘do not touch me,'” a Twitter user wrote.

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