Sex toys for older couples

A practical guide to choose vibrators, rings and other accessories for the bed.

Normally women over 50 have more difficulty reaching an orgasm. This is because there is less blood flow to the genitals and less production of testosterone and estrogen. The result, therefore, is that more time is needed to reach the climax – or perhaps the orgasm does not occur in any way.

The good news is that women and their partners can overcome these changes.

Vibrators and other accessories for sex, which previously were considered suitable for individual use, can improve the dynamics of a couple’s erotic game since it helps both to reach orgasm.

A survey conducted by the authors of The Normal Bar (I am one!) This year revealed that more than 50% of respondents over 50 use sex toys individually or as a couple. The others, I suspect, do not use them simply because they do not know what to try. To fill that gap (and some others), I present a basic guide out of the conventional of sex toys:

Good vibrations

The different versions of vibrators, battery or plug, have been in circulation since the late nineteenth century. By directly stimulating the nerves, the device helps activate those that do not respond to the usual methods of excitation. The vibrators have different shapes and sizes -some of them look real-. Many models allow the adjustment of the speed of vibration, a crucial function for the skin that may become very sensitive over the years.

The most famous vibrator is the rabbit, which has not stopped selling since Charlotte became addicted to the vagina and clitoris stimulator, and which response to that name, in Episode 9, Season 1 of Sex and the City in 1998. ( The part that stimulates the clitoris resembles a pair of rabbit ears).

Other popular vibrators are the “pocket rocket” -created for external use only, measures four inches and is easy to carry in a wallet- and the G-spot stimulator, a dildo or vibrator with a curved end that allows reaching the G-spot in the roof of the vagina. In addition, there are dildos-penis-shaped objects with sound and without sound-that can be inserted into a woman’s vagina. When used with a lubricant, these objects can complement the sexual relationship, especially if the man has inconsistent erections.

Put on a ring

Let’s say you’re a man and you want to share the spirit of the game; Would you use a ring for the penis? These elements are less and less exotic than they appear; They are usually exposed together with condoms in the pharmacy.

The ring has an adjustable band that is placed around the base of the penis; A small button activates a vibrator in the ring that rubs the area of the clitoris of the woman during intercourse. The so-called “two-headed” rings stimulate the two people simultaneously, sending more blood flow to the penis.

Another popular toy among older men is the C ring; It is placed around the penis and scrotum before an erection to improve the quality and duration of it. Ring C must be removed after orgasm so that it does not cut off circulation and cause serious problems.

These accessories remove pressure in terms of performance during intercourse. They can also strengthen your relationship. Studies show that trying something new brings the couple closer. Did I mention that they are fun? The vibrator with remote control, for example, is perfect for couples with a sense of humor: The vibrator is sewn into the underwear and when activated by remote control sends silent vibrations in the clitoris area. A guaranteed antidote for the most boring group dinners.

Buy with intelligence

Oh, there are many fun options to discover!

For more information, look for help on the internet at one of the best-known sites such as, or And in specialized stores such as Good Vibrations (San Francisco), Lovers (Phoenix, Seattle, Portland, Oregon), Fascinations (Denver) or Babeland (New York, Seattle) you will find discreet and well-trained staff that will explain the features of the devices; his advice will help you not to make mistakes, important because the best toys tend to be expensive.

And, as you can imagine, returns are not accepted!

Sex dolls are designed for sexual pleasure

Sex dolls are designed for sexual pleasure, but these playthings are more than that. Aside from single men, there are couples, who purchase this to explore threesome and improve their relationship in the bedroom. This particular sex toy can bring your sexual experience to heights.

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