5 sexual postures inspired by your favorite movies

Reliving the best sexual postures of your favorite movies elevates women to a pedestal. And what is even better, allows them to move to an ideal world for emotions

Cinema, besides entertaining, sets trends in the lives of the spectators. Hairstyles, clothing and even behaviors that dominate their relationships, are admired and taken as an example to imitate. Today we can know the sexual postures inspired by your favorite movies that make sex a real fiction.

Interpreting these scenes at home, you can take them to a fantasy world where they will be the only protagonists of a love story. Emotions on the surface provoke a climate totally different from the one they are accustomed to living.

Sexual postures inspired by your favorite movies that you need to experience with your love

1. What do you think of being Pretty Woman for one night?

It is necessary to specify, in the first place, that the imagination plays one of the most important roles. If there is not very good concentration, it can be difficult to see a passionate Richard Gere in his partner.

In the same way, it is necessary to set the zone within the possibilities of the home. Although a grand piano is not so common in homes, a strong table can replace it. It’s about making your own version of the sexual postures inspired by your favorite movies.

The woman is placed sensually with little clothes on the piano and the man, standing in front, moves between his legs. The kisses begin on the lips to go down slowly while caressing her in every corner. The end … open.

 2. Do you remember “Atonement”? It’s a good idea to combine sex and intellectuality

In the film, the protagonists surrender to the fleshly weaknesses, in a library. An action that arouses the curiosity of many, so why not revive it in the flesh.

It’s true, not all people have access to a library, but it’s not a problem. Surely, some books or magazines are available. These, are enough to order them together simulating a serious place of studies.

Solved that issue, she dresses in the oldest dress in the closet and gives herself to the impulses of her beloved. To be perfect, the man must wear his best suit and standing up penetrates his girl with total emphasis.

3. You can not go through this experience without personifying Rose, from Titanic

From the sexual postures inspired by your favorite movies, it could be said that it is the most transversal to continents and time. Who did not see it, they told it to him. But Rose’s hand resting on the glass of a car, lowering slowly and leaving its mark during the climax, is a seal of love.

All that is needed is a vehicle and a strong sexual attraction. Once decided, look for a hidden place to park and make sex the most beautiful of the day.

The great detail is to follow the body script that is installed in everyone’s memories. When they achieve orgasm, the girl must mark the rhythm with her own hand in the window.

4. “Noa’s diary” teaches you to see, on a rainy day, the most romantic of your instincts

Walking in the rain without an umbrella, allowing yourself to feel the cold in your body and play, is not only for young people. Those who dare to receive as a couple the sensations of water falling on their bodies, awaken feelings that they no longer remembered.

Going out to walk in the rain, join in rebellious kisses and let the desire to enter their bodies is a great idea. The man, with all his energies, takes her in his arms and enters as a newly-weds into his home. He takes her to the bed to continue with the plan, changing positions like desperate lovers.

It is true that at the end, the house will not be in its optimal conditions. The floors and the sheets will be wet and dirty, but it is part of the experience. There will be time for cleaning.

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5. If you are modern and daring, “50 shades of Gray” should be present in your bed

This production revolutionized the whole world with its scenes of explicit sex. And, in truth, men focus most of their fantasies on encounters of this kind. Although, some do not dare to confess to their wives.

For a night of surprising and unbridled sex, the woman must position herself in a puppy Sex position and receive an anal penetration that increases the rhythm little by little.

The man, who is in control, should make intervals and wait for her to ask for more. Only when his wife succeeds in convincing him with his pleas, does he return to action?


The sexual postures inspired by your favorite movies are chosen every day between couples from different parts of the world. They are, clearly, a guarantee of pleasure for those who dare to practice them.

With them, the brain is kept active and all the senses are stimulated. Choosing one or the other will depend on the tastes of each one. Alth


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